6 Questions to Ask a Web Design Company in London before Hiring Them

by Shahin Miah


Planning to create a new website for your business or want to upgrade the existing one? The services of a reputable web design company are all that you need. But, wait! Considering the innumerable options out there, which one should you choose? Worry no more, as here are the six key questions that you must ask to ensure that your business remains in the best hands.

  1. Can you provide a portfolio of the projects you’ve worked on before?

The portfolio of the web development company speaks volumes about the quality of service that you can expect from them. Therefore, have a close look over what they have in store for you, pay attention towards each and every detail and then decide whether their skills would be good enough for your business or not.

  1. What are the different kinds of services that you offer?

Learn everything about the services that web design company features to understand if they are only a design firm or an all-web-solution. Most of the companies include an array of services ranging from hosting, SEO services, social media marketing, logo designing and a lot more; to offer everything that you need in one fine platform. A good practice here would be to prepare a list of the kind of services required and ask how much of it can be provided.

  1. How long will the web design project take?

Do make it a point that you are aware of the time that will be taken for the web development process. Gather optimal information about various steps that are going to be involved, from initial phase to the final launch. Usually, it will have five independent phases and these are:

  • Planning and Research
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Launch

Later, ask what approvals or tools would be used for the construction of the site, so that the process never slows down. Moreover, dedicated web development specialists provide regular updates about the development of the site and overall time that will be needed for completion of the project.


  1. Are the web design that you provide responsive?

Having a responsive or mobile-friendly website is the need of the hour. Do make sure that the web design is compatible with mobile devices, so that you don’t end up losing a large portion of sales only because your designer is not keeping up with the latest trends.

Dedicated Web Design Company always work according to the industry trends and tailor their services as per the requirement of your business.

  1. Will the services be priced per hour or per web design project?

Pricing is a crucial element that should never be overlooked. You can request for a free quote from the company, compare them and then decide which company offers high-quality service at the best value. A common mistake that should be avoided is don’t prioritize price over quality, rather try to strike a perfect balance between the both.   

  1. How often will changes be made to the website?

Web design companies do realize that changes are important for keeping the website fresh and engaging. This is the reason why you should ask the companies about what kind of changes will be implemented and how often will it take place.

There you have it, identifying the best web development company in London does not have to a troublesome task, just ask the aforementioned questions and you will pave your path to an outstanding company.

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