Are you doing content marketing right?

by Shahin Miah


Content is rightly called the king in SEO, as it plays an imperative role in driving relevant traffic. All you need is immaculately curated content for your website to get leads and boost sales. If content is relevant to the products and services that the business is offering, it will definitely appeal and reach to the potential customers. The highest quality content succeeds in making a buzz around major search engines and other social media channels. is an SEO Agency in London helping clients curate the perfect SEO Content.

In SEO Services, content marketing includes blogs, articles, press releases, social media posts, info graphics and videos. Many companies begin their content marketing practices with a boom but with the passage of time they start to lose the momentum.

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With the ever evolving social media channels, it has become de rigueur for businesses to implement content marketing in all of the marketing channels. Since these social media platforms are great and provide a direct way to communicate with the audience, content plays a crucial role in establishing and promoting a brand. Content marketing, the best practice to establish a direct connection with consumers, leads to three times more conversions than any other digital marketing practice. It establishes a relationship between the brand and consumer. It is something that cannot be overlooked in today’s social media age.

Good content delimitates your brand

If your content is deviating by any means than expected, you can potentially lose your audience right there. Content is meant to keep your business alive and thriving at all times. If you are simply posting videos, blogs, and infographics and not getting any revenue, then it’s time you assess your content marketing strategies. Well curated content improves your SEO in London or the rest of the world, builds trust and credibility as well as generates traffic. If your content is outstanding, your audience will be able to relate to the brand you are promoting. It will build a positive reputation about your business across the industry.

If you are really up for building a brand, you must avoid irrational content marketing techniques. Producing content is very simple and may or may not be cheap.  Videos can cost you a lot of money, but posting blogs, articles, social posts on these platforms is easier as creating an account on social channels is free of charge.  iNeedSocial, London based marketing agency can give you free advice.

Even the heritage brand Burberry had to go through a total revival, since it faced years of downturn in sales. The rebranding of Burberry over social media comprised of content that was minimalistic and alluring. By posting short, simple captions that emanate the true essence of the brand, Burberry continues with its legacy. The bottom line is content can completely change your marketing game.

Bad quality content can get your sales slumping

High quality content is a rarity, because many companies end up producing low quality content inadvertently.  If your content is not leaving an impact on the audience’s mind, you are doing it wrong! Your sales come crumbling down if the content is ineffective. Over stuffing of keywords and not being consistent in posting content can upset your market value. The more content you have, there is more likelihood of generating links and driving traffic.

Attention to detailing is the key to curating quality content. Bad or invalid content plummets the sales, as customers are unable to connect with the brand and it ultimately hinders your brand promotion. Written content is quite cheap to create as opposed to fancy video productions, so why not produce a superb content that can escalate your sales. By diving deep into the mindsets and demands of your target audience, you can curate content that they find appealing. A thorough research of your competitors can help you in identifying your core competencies.  You can produce a mixture of content so that there is something for everyone. Natural placement of keywords, rational, precise and on point content is what increases your search engine rankings.

Avoid these content marketing mistakes

  1. Overlooking strengths: Focusing on your strengths is the first and foremost strategy one must implement before going ahead with content marketing. It’s easy to create content and publish it, it might also get the attention, but it’s of no use when you are not getting conversions. So there has to be a certain goal in mind, an effective approach and a tremendous execution.
  2. Shaky promotional methods: Social media is the best channel to promote any brand. But many people miss out on promoting quality content. Consistent and effective content that your audience wants to see. Since social media is on everyone’s fingertips, the content posted on these platforms to promote a brand should have a friendly tone. It is very important to make a connection with the audience. You must know that on which social media channels your target audience is most active. This way your promotion methods and campaigns won’t go waste.
  3. Irrelevancy: If you really want conversions, your content must be relevant and valuable. Informative, on point content is what audience looks for on the internet. If someone is looking for a solution to their problem, they expect to get their answers instantly. So providing suitable information that is concise and useful for the audience, will make a win-win situation for you.
  4. Monotonous posts: Content marketing is not only confined to blog posts, there should be variation so as to keep them interested.Many marketers post variety of content every day in the form of videos, infographics, memes, case studies,podcasts, animations, GIFs, etc. this breaks the monotony and audience love to see new, creative posts in their news feed on a regular basis. This increases the popularity of brand and bring you prospect conversions.
  5. Short-lived content: Not able to create evergreen content is the most common mistake made by marketers. A content that is being published should still be useful in 10 years from now on as it is today. If content is timeless it will help the business owners to keep getting audience and conversions. It should be irreplaceable and must be updated at regular intervals to keep up with the times.
  6. Not knowing the audience: Writing just for the sake of writing is not something that will get you an audience base. Posting content about water heaters on a platform that has an audience base coming from fashion world, does not make sense at all. This way you will only waste your time and energy. You must do a thorough research about the target audience. It is advisable to take a deep insight into the audiences’ interests, motivations and challenges. Then curate content that will draw their attention and interest. This will surely increase your sales.
  7. Deviating from core values: The content you will be curating as part of content marketing campaign must have the essence of your core values. This is how you will be able to build trust of your audience. This practice will help you in the long run, as your core values are the building blocks of success.
  8. Not creating enough targeted landing pages: It is important to create optimized landing pages for most applicable keywords. More landing pages mean more conversions, as your targeted audience will have keywords on landing pages of which they are passionate about.
  9. Not focusing on facts: A critical analysis of content that’s posted on the websites must be applied at regular intervals. There is a possibility, something that is true at present may not apply in the years to come. By doing research and experiment from time to time, you can come up with a new concept or fact. There should be regular content upgrade happening at all times and this will surely make your content marketing campaign successful.
  10. Stagnation: For your business to grow constantly, you must stay progressive. Keeping up with the latest trends and ready to evolve accordingly is the key to success. For a successful content marketing campaign, you must be ready to adapt according to the developments taking place in your field.

Content marketing is a slow and a tiring task, which has been in the industry even before the internet. Oh yes! It is all about storytelling. Those who know the art of storytelling takes the attention. In no internet days, movies and brands were promoted through print media that included posters, where they played tactfully with the words. The ones that caught people’s attention made great profit.

Businesses must develop content marketing strategies, missions and goals in order to gain traction. Simply implementing content marketing strategies without a set target and game plan will not prove to be fruitful in the long run. You must avoid content gap, there may be some questions coming from your audience or consumer’s end that are unanswered since a long time. Some content that you have posted long ago can be improved. Some keywords that are related to your niche should be added to your content. These details can really keep your content marketing stratagems in check and in sync with the latest developments in the industry.

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